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Cheese and Mushroom Scrambled Eggs

Author: Justine (HCP)


 g Eggs, chicken, whole, raw
 g Butter, unsalted
 g Oil, olive
 ml Aldi double cream (HCP added*)
 g Cathedral City Mature Cheddar Cheese (HCP added*)
 g Mushrooms, white, raw
 g Avocado, average, flesh only


Slice the mushrooms, add the olive oil to a frying pan and gently cook the mushrooms. Bring the butter to room temperature then beat together with the egg and cream in a bowl. Add the egg mixture to the pan with the cooking mushrooms and stir/whisk gently until the mixture is cooked through and a scrambled consistency is achieved, sprinkle the cheese over the top and continue to stir until the cheese is melted. Slice the avocado and serve on the side.

Nutrition Information (for entire recipe):

Carbohydrate: 1.37
Calories: 452
Fat: 44.13
Protein: 11.1
Ratio: 3.54:1


3.5:1 ratio  

*HCP terms of use
**Allergens may be present, please check individual product and ingredient labels. If concerned about allergens please contact your healthcare professional