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Mackerel fingers

Author: Justine (HCP)


 g Mackerel, canned in brine
 g Courgette, raw
 g Broccoli, green, boiled in unsalted water
 g Oil, olive
 ml Flour, coconut, EastEnd (HCP added*)
 g Hellman's Real Mayonnaise (HCP added*)
 g Butter, unsalted
 g Eggs, chicken, whole, raw


Flake the mackerel into a bowl, finely grate courgette and add to bowl. Add most of the oil, the butter and the egg to the bowl and stir. Mash broccoli with fork and add to bowl and mix. Form into small fish finger shapes, brush with remaining oil and sprinkle with the coconut flour. Cook gently in a frying pan on low heat (to avoid sticking), serve with mayonnaise.

Nutrition Information (for entire recipe):

Carbohydrate: 0.84
Calories: 243
Fat: 23.83
Protein: 5.97
Ratio: 3.5:1


3.5:1 ratio  

*HCP terms of use
**Allergens may be present, please check individual product and ingredient labels. If concerned about allergens please contact your healthcare professional